Aaron Carter: The Little Prince of Pop (2023)

Aaron Carter: The Little Prince of Pop

Famous by age 9, struggling by age 20 and dead at ripe age of 34, this documentary dives deep into the life of pop singer Aaron Carter. He became a mainstay of the early 2000s pop scene, touring the world as a child solo artist with chart-topping hits like “I Want Candy” and earning the title “The Little Prince of Pop” from Michael Jackson. Just a few years after his rise to fame, Carter began a cycle of mental health struggles, experienced family turmoil, and grappled with addiction ― culminating in his untimely death in November 2022.

Release: May 01, 2023

Duration: 57m

Genres: Documentary, Music, TV Movie

Country: United States of America

Quality: HD

Actors: Aaron Carter, AJ McLean, Melanie Martin, Taylor Helgeson, Dr. Travis Stork

Director: Jeffrey Thomas, Shane Rasco

IMDb: 6.1/10

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