Hector (1987)


Hector's parents sent him to an orphanage in treatment for smallpox but... they never picked him up. 35 years later, he still lives in the orphanage, surrounded by children, his playmates. Till a forgotten aunt remembers that he exists. She'll get him to participate in the bakery of her husband, Achilles, to work. Hector shows his skills on the basis of unexpected inventions. So he helps Jos, the son of Achilles, to accomplish his dream to be a cycling champion. Hector's good humor and childlike manner overcomes all resistance and pulls his entire entourage along on the path to success. From now on he can learn what love is...

Release: Oct 19, 1987

Duration: 1h 35m

Genres: Comedy

Country: Belgium

Quality: HD

Actors: Urbanus, Herbert Flack, Sylvia Millecam, Frank Aendenboom, Marc Van Eeghem

Director: Stijn Coninx

IMDb: 6.6/10