Mr. Nobody (1969)

Mr. Nobody

A ravishing double agent Emil leaves for a large Western city where he joins the staff of a spy group operating against Bulgaria. Here he meets the elderly Mladenov. With his help, Emil gets an editorial job in a Bulgarian-language magazine. Dimov heads the spy center. Kralev is his deputy. Kralev wants to become a chief and tries to eliminate those who stand in his way. Emil is among them. Lida, Mladenov's daughter has defected from Bulgaria. Disillusioned, she asks Emil to help her to return. He helps her to hide in a small provincial town. Kralev forces him to give away the address. Emil goes to Lida's hotel, but before he arrives here, Kralev blocks his way. Emil makes short work of him. Together with Lida, they hire a speedboat, which rushes them to a Bulgarian ship.

Release: May 22, 1969

Duration: 1h 47m

Genres: Crime

Country: Bulgaria

Quality: HD

Actors: Kosta Tsonev, Georgi Cherkelov, Stefan Ilyev, Andrey Chaprazov, Marita Böhme

Director: Ivan Terziev

IMDb: 0/10

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