Kabzaa (2023)


During the British rule in India, Arakeshwara, an air force soldier and son of a freedom fighter Amareshwara,due to unavoidable circumstances, kills Khaleed, the don of Amarapura and thus gets trapped in the mafia world and later becomes the king of the underworld. However, trouble ensues for Arakeshwara as he has to deal with his rivals and Bhargav Bhakshi, a cop sent by the British to eradicate him and the underworld.

Release: Mar 17, 2023

Duration: 2h 16m

Genres: Action, Crime, Thriller

Country: India

Quality: HD

Actors: Upendra, Shriya Saran, Murali Sharma, Sudha, Sudeep

Director: R. Chandru

IMDb: 5/10

Keywords:Kabzaa #gangster#don