Vaincre ou mourir (2023)

Vaincre ou mourir

1793, French Revolution. For three years now, Charette, a young man retired from the Royal Navy, has been back home. In the country, the anger of the peasants rumbles: they call on the young retiree to take command of the rebellion. In a few months, the idle sailor becomes a charismatic leader and a shrewd strategist, bringing in his wake peasants, deserters, women, old people and children, of which he makes a formidable army. The fight for freedom has only just begun.

Release: Jan 25, 2023

Duration: 1h 55m

Genres: History, Action, War

Country: France

Quality: HD

Actors: Hugo Becker, Rod Paradot, Gilles Cohen, Grégory Fitoussi, Constance Gay

Director: Vincent Mottez, Paul Mignot

IMDb: 6.3/10